rhumes andré françois  

André FrançoisLes Rhumes

The Cold is a strange animal that has mysteriously survived modern times... We know because we have often been forced to stay in bed with a cold for a couple days. Reprint of a cult children's book where André François imagines a universe full of puns and playfulness.

georgie blechman

R.O. Blechman Georgie

Story of a family whose joy at the arrival of a new baby is bowled over by guilt and loss.. The loyal dog, Georgie, is the discreet hero who makes his master's happiness possible again. A moving and profound graphic novel that treats heavy subject with humor, simplicity, and humanity.

blechman poche illustrateur

R.O. Blechman Poche Illustrateur

Covers of magazines, logos, cartoons, satiric and humorist drawings: this is a mosaic homage to Blechman and his squiggly lines.


michael ackermanHalf Life

A hallucinatory constellation of images of exile and phantoms, where places and people draw you in with the same black aura. Half Life implicates the spectator in his borderline experience.


Ernest pignon-Ernest Face aux murs

Fifty personalities (writers, philosophers, plasticians…) comment liberally on the works of Ernest Pignon-Ernest.